Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Mind getting pregnant again?

10 02 2008


Why is Elisabeth Hasselbeck still a cohost on The View? In fact, how did she ever manage to get a job on that show? What does she bring to the table but a yappy mouth spewing conservative crap. I mean, seriously, how has she continued to remain on this show for five years now? What is Barbara Walters thinking?

I wonder what her cohosts think of her. I’m sure Joy thinks she’s one of the most annoying people she’s ever encountered, especially since Elisabeth consistently talks over her. Sometimes I catch Sherri Shepherd (who I also cannot stand by the way – what is with those wigs?!?) looking at Elisabeth like, “Girl, you need to shut your trap!”

I’m sorry, but isn’t there someone else out there that would be a better fit? It seems a lot of people are discontent with Elisabeth’s presence. It’s great when she’s on maternity leave and they have guest cohosts fill in. What a nice break from that high pitched, shrill voice that forces its way into almost every dialogue. It’s getting to the point where she has become the most vocal one on there! And the questions she poses to the guests often don’t make much sense or warrant acknowledgement. She’s embarrassing to watch!

Please, Barbara, find someone else to replace this poor woman. Her claim to fame is having appeared on a season of Survivor, for god’s sake.

I’m not naive. I realize replacing her at this point is a remote possibility (the show seems to exploit the controversy surrounding her to increase its ratings), so perhaps I’ll just hope for Tim to knock her up again.

Elisabeth, sweety, time to get pregnant again, and think about taking some permanent maternity leave this time around. Did you ever consider switching over to Fox – you’d make a great fit…I heard they’re hiring…just please leave…you consistently ruin my perfectly good mornings with your irritating babble. I just want to enjoy my coffee and “Hot Topics” without the chirping.




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12 02 2008

Damn woman! When you write you WRITE. Go you! 🙂

I agree, I think she is about as pleasant as an ingrown hair. You feel something there at first but you don’t know what it is. Is it a zit? Is it a freak accident from when your man didn’t use a condom and it’s a STD? NOPE, it’s an ingrown hair. Now it’s a huge red bump that won’t go away and to top it off it itches!! Then you notice there is a tiny little hair poking out (consider it when Elisabeth is pregnant) and that’s the only way to get rid of it. Problem solved! Pull the hair (give birth–go on maternity leave) and the red bump goes away, the swelling goes down and life is much more pleasant.

Am I weird?

12 02 2008

Love the analogy! I totally relate to everything you just described above, both literally and figuratively. Thanks for the comment!

13 02 2008
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