Nip/Tuck sucks…enough already!

10 02 2008


What happened to this show? The first three seasons were awesome, filled with cutting-edge plots and magnanimously flawed characters, but now the past two seasons are just too much. They are no longer “pushing the envelope” of cable television because what they’ve done is gone beyond “the line” and ventured into “ridiculous territory.”

From Rosie O’Donnel’s stupid character, to Christian’s uncontrollable sexual urges and inflated ego, to Sean’s mid-life crisis bordering on perversion, to Matt’s (aka Michael Jackson’s) drug addiction and consistent failures, etc. etc. The only reason I continue to tune in is because of the writer’s strike and lack of original programming these days. But come on, this is just STEEWWPPPIIIDDD.

I think television is supposed to take real-life drama and escalate it to the next level, to transport audiences beyond everyday perceptions of reality, but Nip/Tuck has gone way overboard.

What’s more, it paints women in an extremely ugly light (and I’m not the only one noticing). If they’re not whores, they’re greedy, conniving, narcissistic bitches. And then the men…Christian is the most pompous, egocentric, misogynistic piece of shit human being, but this show elevates him to the status of kings (scary to think there may be men out there, or impressionable young boys, vying to become such a person). His degradation of women is absolutely appalling, which in the beginning merited some exploration for the sake of character building, but now after five seasons, it’s a tired flaw that’s highly offensive. And if I have to see one more ass shot, I swear to god…

Bottom line: Nip/Tuck needs to be Nip/Plucked from television. A change of location is NOT enough to warrant this show’s continuation. It’s going to take a lot more than that, folks.




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13 02 2008
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