Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights

11 02 2008


I feel I must present a more positive analysis of a television show after having spent the last three posts criticizing some of the worst representations on television, and I have one of the most deserving programs in mind – Friday Night Lights.

What a refreshing program – beautifully shot documentary-style, realistic storylines (though it took time for me to accept that they treat high school football like it’s the pros down there in ol’ Texas), and a wonderful cornucopia of characters played by some of the best talent television has seen. Basically, Friday nights aren’t so bad if I’m financially strapped and unable to hit the town – all I need is a comfy couch to curl up on to enjoy this show that makes me feel (and I’m not kidding) all warm and fuzzy inside.

There are plenty of characters to enjoy, like the transformation of Matt Sarasen, the striking, rebellious nature of Tim Riggins, and the blossoming romance between Tara and Landry, but my absolute favorite characters on that show are Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.

Ok, aside from my overzealous libido kicking in as I swoon over Ms. Britton (definitely in my Top 5 category of hottest actresses), the Taylors exemplify THE DEFINITION of chemistry onscreen. Their scenes are such a joy to watch – the way they have their cute little husband/wife disagreements over family matters, or when they cuddle up next to one another after a long day’s work, so aware of how deep and fulfilling their love is for one another.

To be honest, part of my adoration for these two characters stems from how much their relationship resembles that of my parents. They are so in love with one another, so committed to their marriage…it’s beautiful to see such a positive portrayal of a married couple on television because, as much as it is a rarity in both real life and onscreen, it does exist. People marry and stay married until the day they die, and observing this through both my parents and the fictitious Mr. and Mrs. Taylor instills hope in the idea that true love most definitely exists. It may not exist for me (I may have issues with commitment), but it’s out there and for some reason, that’s comforting to me (especially when you see such horrendous interpretations of love on such shows as Nip/Tuck).

So for those of you not watching this show, please start. Rent the DVDs, stream it online (, or download it…I don’t care how you do it. There is so much crap out there, aren’t you in need of a refreshing change of pace?

Oh, and another thing. For those of you who do watch, why is it that neither Kyle nor Connie have been nominated for a major award? Baffling to me. These two actors are very deserving of such an honor. They can surely hold their own against the Hugh Lauries and the Kyra Sedgewicks…let’s give ’em a nod.




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13 02 2008
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