Save Friday Night Lights!!!

13 02 2008


I voiced my appraisal of Friday Night Lights, but I fear it may have seen its last days. There is speculation that last Friday’s episode may be the last of the series. It appears NBC has not renewed another season (or commissioned more episodes), whatever the case may be, whether it’s because of the writer’s strike or mediocre ratings. But fans need to be vocal about their appraisals of this show – sign petitions, write on message boards, let the network know we want more!

I am appalled by the thought of its demise and feel the need to do something to save yet another quality program in jeopardy. First the networks pulled Arrested Development, then they pulled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. And now Friday Night Lights hangs in the balance! This is why I want to work in television – this doesn’t make any sense, and I want direct involvement in such decision-making, to be able to assess and proactively do something to ensure quality programming subsists. It starts with the fans, and I am confident this show has the fan base necessary to warrant further seasons.

Perhaps NBC needs to reconsider this whole Friday night spot for a show with “Friday” in the title. I think the fans can handle the discrepancy between the Friday football-themed show and the actual night it airs. This is television people, and let’s face it, Friday nights are the worst – people are out on the town after having slaved away at work or school for the past five days. Those few that are home (which happens to be me) are watching, but it’s of course not enough to garner the ratings shows such as Grey’s and Lost and House receive during the week!

Perhaps they should reconsider how it’s marketed. My hesitation to commence watching this show had to do with my perception that its primary focus was high school football. Sure, I happen to be a football fan, but I have no interest in exploring a glorified high school football team and the complexities of the game. But this show is so much more than that. It uses the football team as a reference point to connect the cast of characters, but it explores real life situations – dating, marriage, high school bullies, arrogance derived from stardom, absent parents, rape, rivalry, religion, underage drinking, career challenges, racism etc. etc. Every dimension of this show is multifaceted.

When I think of quality television, this is what I mean. It perfects the balance of reality and entertainment I seek in programming, and it did not take long for me to realize that I had been missing out on something really great. It was exciting! I locked myself away for an entire weekend to watch the first season’s 22 episodes and then raved about it to all my friends. I’m proud to say I got at least 3 people hooked!

So I conclude by saying, let us continue to spread the word and let NBC know they’d be making a huge mistake pulling the plug. Let our appreciation of this show become viral so that we may continue to explore the lives of the characters we’ve grown to love.

Sign's Petition to Save Friday Night Lights




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