Northern Voice 2008

20 02 2008

My last day of school will be spent attending Northern Voice, a social media conference covering blogging, videoblogging, Facebooking, etc. etc.  But the best part?  Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, will be giving the keynote…he’s rather young-looking, no?  Internet techies usually are, I guess.  I look forward to hearing what he has to say in his speech entitled “Blogging & Social Media: Where do we go from here?”

I don’t know, Matt, where do we?

If given time between graduation and packing for my highly anticipated move back to the United States, I may have some insightful things to report on in this blog for once.  Stay tuned : )




One response

21 02 2008

Holy crap! He’s only 24! I would have never guessed, but then I never really looked into who the person was behind WP. And, um, you are not in the US? lol Guess I never thought you were living overseas. Mind me asking where you are living and how long you were gone?

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