Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s School Photo!

23 02 2008


That is awesome – look at the size of those glasses! We all know how much I cannot stand that woman (click here to read my other post on her), and then to see this school photo on yesterday’s View…oh the words. Looks like someone had a bit of an awkward stage growing up…I’m sorry, but why would parents buy their daughter a pair of red glasses that take up nearly 2/3 of her face?!?  That’s just cruel and will lead to nothing but ridicule.

Watch the video of the segment here as the the ladies debate the merits of school photo airbrushing (god help us all).

(Note: I hate to admit this, but I have a fourth grade photo that rivals that of Elisabeth, but I’d like to think I’ve grown into a more bearable woman, as in not so freakin’ high-pitched, delusional and annoying).


Save Friday Night Lights!!!

13 02 2008


I voiced my appraisal of Friday Night Lights, but I fear it may have seen its last days. There is speculation that last Friday’s episode may be the last of the series. It appears NBC has not renewed another season (or commissioned more episodes), whatever the case may be, whether it’s because of the writer’s strike or mediocre ratings. But fans need to be vocal about their appraisals of this show – sign petitions, write on message boards, let the network know we want more!

I am appalled by the thought of its demise and feel the need to do something to save yet another quality program in jeopardy. First the networks pulled Arrested Development, then they pulled Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. And now Friday Night Lights hangs in the balance! This is why I want to work in television – this doesn’t make any sense, and I want direct involvement in such decision-making, to be able to assess and proactively do something to ensure quality programming subsists. It starts with the fans, and I am confident this show has the fan base necessary to warrant further seasons.

Perhaps NBC needs to reconsider this whole Friday night spot for a show with “Friday” in the title. I think the fans can handle the discrepancy between the Friday football-themed show and the actual night it airs. This is television people, and let’s face it, Friday nights are the worst – people are out on the town after having slaved away at work or school for the past five days. Those few that are home (which happens to be me) are watching, but it’s of course not enough to garner the ratings shows such as Grey’s and Lost and House receive during the week!

Perhaps they should reconsider how it’s marketed. My hesitation to commence watching this show had to do with my perception that its primary focus was high school football. Sure, I happen to be a football fan, but I have no interest in exploring a glorified high school football team and the complexities of the game. But this show is so much more than that. It uses the football team as a reference point to connect the cast of characters, but it explores real life situations – dating, marriage, high school bullies, arrogance derived from stardom, absent parents, rape, rivalry, religion, underage drinking, career challenges, racism etc. etc. Every dimension of this show is multifaceted.

When I think of quality television, this is what I mean. It perfects the balance of reality and entertainment I seek in programming, and it did not take long for me to realize that I had been missing out on something really great. It was exciting! I locked myself away for an entire weekend to watch the first season’s 22 episodes and then raved about it to all my friends. I’m proud to say I got at least 3 people hooked!

So I conclude by saying, let us continue to spread the word and let NBC know they’d be making a huge mistake pulling the plug. Let our appreciation of this show become viral so that we may continue to explore the lives of the characters we’ve grown to love.

Sign BWE.tv's Petition to Save Friday Night Lights

Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights

11 02 2008


I feel I must present a more positive analysis of a television show after having spent the last three posts criticizing some of the worst representations on television, and I have one of the most deserving programs in mind – Friday Night Lights.

What a refreshing program – beautifully shot documentary-style, realistic storylines (though it took time for me to accept that they treat high school football like it’s the pros down there in ol’ Texas), and a wonderful cornucopia of characters played by some of the best talent television has seen. Basically, Friday nights aren’t so bad if I’m financially strapped and unable to hit the town – all I need is a comfy couch to curl up on to enjoy this show that makes me feel (and I’m not kidding) all warm and fuzzy inside.

There are plenty of characters to enjoy, like the transformation of Matt Sarasen, the striking, rebellious nature of Tim Riggins, and the blossoming romance between Tara and Landry, but my absolute favorite characters on that show are Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, played by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.

Ok, aside from my overzealous libido kicking in as I swoon over Ms. Britton (definitely in my Top 5 category of hottest actresses), the Taylors exemplify THE DEFINITION of chemistry onscreen. Their scenes are such a joy to watch – the way they have their cute little husband/wife disagreements over family matters, or when they cuddle up next to one another after a long day’s work, so aware of how deep and fulfilling their love is for one another.

To be honest, part of my adoration for these two characters stems from how much their relationship resembles that of my parents. They are so in love with one another, so committed to their marriage…it’s beautiful to see such a positive portrayal of a married couple on television because, as much as it is a rarity in both real life and onscreen, it does exist. People marry and stay married until the day they die, and observing this through both my parents and the fictitious Mr. and Mrs. Taylor instills hope in the idea that true love most definitely exists. It may not exist for me (I may have issues with commitment), but it’s out there and for some reason, that’s comforting to me (especially when you see such horrendous interpretations of love on such shows as Nip/Tuck).

So for those of you not watching this show, please start. Rent the DVDs, stream it online (www.sidereel.com), or download it…I don’t care how you do it. There is so much crap out there, aren’t you in need of a refreshing change of pace?

Oh, and another thing. For those of you who do watch, why is it that neither Kyle nor Connie have been nominated for a major award? Baffling to me. These two actors are very deserving of such an honor. They can surely hold their own against the Hugh Lauries and the Kyra Sedgewicks…let’s give ’em a nod.

Nip/Tuck sucks…enough already!

10 02 2008


What happened to this show? The first three seasons were awesome, filled with cutting-edge plots and magnanimously flawed characters, but now the past two seasons are just too much. They are no longer “pushing the envelope” of cable television because what they’ve done is gone beyond “the line” and ventured into “ridiculous territory.”

From Rosie O’Donnel’s stupid character, to Christian’s uncontrollable sexual urges and inflated ego, to Sean’s mid-life crisis bordering on perversion, to Matt’s (aka Michael Jackson’s) drug addiction and consistent failures, etc. etc. The only reason I continue to tune in is because of the writer’s strike and lack of original programming these days. But come on, this is just STEEWWPPPIIIDDD.

I think television is supposed to take real-life drama and escalate it to the next level, to transport audiences beyond everyday perceptions of reality, but Nip/Tuck has gone way overboard.

What’s more, it paints women in an extremely ugly light (and I’m not the only one noticing). If they’re not whores, they’re greedy, conniving, narcissistic bitches. And then the men…Christian is the most pompous, egocentric, misogynistic piece of shit human being, but this show elevates him to the status of kings (scary to think there may be men out there, or impressionable young boys, vying to become such a person). His degradation of women is absolutely appalling, which in the beginning merited some exploration for the sake of character building, but now after five seasons, it’s a tired flaw that’s highly offensive. And if I have to see one more ass shot, I swear to god…

Bottom line: Nip/Tuck needs to be Nip/Plucked from television. A change of location is NOT enough to warrant this show’s continuation. It’s going to take a lot more than that, folks.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Mind getting pregnant again?

10 02 2008


Why is Elisabeth Hasselbeck still a cohost on The View? In fact, how did she ever manage to get a job on that show? What does she bring to the table but a yappy mouth spewing conservative crap. I mean, seriously, how has she continued to remain on this show for five years now? What is Barbara Walters thinking?

I wonder what her cohosts think of her. I’m sure Joy thinks she’s one of the most annoying people she’s ever encountered, especially since Elisabeth consistently talks over her. Sometimes I catch Sherri Shepherd (who I also cannot stand by the way – what is with those wigs?!?) looking at Elisabeth like, “Girl, you need to shut your trap!”

I’m sorry, but isn’t there someone else out there that would be a better fit? It seems a lot of people are discontent with Elisabeth’s presence. It’s great when she’s on maternity leave and they have guest cohosts fill in. What a nice break from that high pitched, shrill voice that forces its way into almost every dialogue. It’s getting to the point where she has become the most vocal one on there! And the questions she poses to the guests often don’t make much sense or warrant acknowledgement. She’s embarrassing to watch!

Please, Barbara, find someone else to replace this poor woman. Her claim to fame is having appeared on a season of Survivor, for god’s sake.

I’m not naive. I realize replacing her at this point is a remote possibility (the show seems to exploit the controversy surrounding her to increase its ratings), so perhaps I’ll just hope for Tim to knock her up again.

Elisabeth, sweety, time to get pregnant again, and think about taking some permanent maternity leave this time around. Did you ever consider switching over to Fox – you’d make a great fit…I heard they’re hiring…just please leave…you consistently ruin my perfectly good mornings with your irritating babble. I just want to enjoy my coffee and “Hot Topics” without the chirping.

Pick *me*. Choose *me*. Love *me*. Meredith Grey – The Most Unsympathetic Character on Television

9 02 2008


Meredith Grey. The lead character on the show, Grey’s Anatomy, who happens to be the WORST character on the show (apparently others think so as well). I am so sick and tired of listening to her whine about her relationship with McDreamy and her estranged father. Meredith, just shut the fuck up already and get a fucking life! Grow up and quit being so goddamn dependent on men! And for god’s sake, be a friend to those around you and listen to what THEY have to say for once in your life! The world does not revolve around you!

There are so many pathetic qualities about that character, I don’t even know where to begin. I can honestly say I was never a fan of hers from the beginning. The ambitious, confident Christina and the sweet, vivacious Izzie are my type of characters, people I could relate to and respect, probably because they are strong, independent, and do not evaluate their worth based on how many guys are after them. But Meredith, she’s a sorry excuse for a woman. She plays mind games with men, constantly talks about HER problems like she’s the most unlucky person in the world, and CANNOT make a decision for the life of her.

You know, I’ve seen these women before. I had a friend in high school who was “that” girl…you know, the one the guys were always after, the homecoming queen, the sports star. She constantly sought to be the center of attention, and often was. In fact, people followed her around like little lapdogs, especially the men. She constantly had a boyfriend, which is fine, but she couldn’t survive without a boyfriend. And it continues to this day! In fact, she’s marrying a guy who is so wrong for her, but since everyone else is getting married, she cannot get left behind! She cannot have her friends be engaged well before her! Heaven forbid! I give it less than a year…

But back to Meredith. What a poor example for women out there. She drags men into her sick little drama of a life, whines and constantly complains about her inability to commit, faces her biggest crisis of having to choose between two men (oh god!), and uses her friend, Christina, as a therapist she should be paying $300/hour for! In fact, what’s up with her friendship with Christina? I find it hard to believe someone so strong-willed and refreshingly blunt would put up with Meredith’s shit. It doesn’t make any sense – Christina would be the first one to slap the bitch across the face and tell her to give it up! But whatever…they need the characters to interact, so they made them friends. Oh, and it lends itself to another stupid little plot point – Izzie’s jealousy. Izzie, seriously, nothing to be jealous about.

And what about Meredith choosing not to swim when she fell in the water, or whatever the hell that storyline was all about. Fucking Derek should have let the bitch drown. But instead, he dives in, rescues her, realizes she gave up on life like the selfish little bitch she is, but STILL fails to acknowledge how pathetic she is, how unworthy she is of his love and attention. Shit, Derek’s just as bad as she is! I guess they deserve each other! Sure, he appears to finally be giving up on her and moving on, but we all know THAT’S not going to happen. That stupid lovey dovey conflict is the storyline that show loves to exploit. But if they keep doing that, they’re going to alienate their audience (if they haven’t done that already) and quickly find themselves with a series finale.

One final point, quit being such a bitch to your stepsister! She didn’t do anything wrong, she didn’t set out to hurt you! She had nothing to do with your estranged relationship with your father! Don’t you get it? Your father knew you were a sad, sad soul! Your mother was a bitch, and now you are a bitch! Get it together, or you’re going to find yourself out in the cold with no one willing to give you the time of day. Time to start acknowledging the people around you…sit down and have a chat with your sister…you may learn something from her…like how to be a decent human being.

The Top Three Most Annoying TV Characters

6 02 2008

This is just an introduction to set up three blogs that I will be writing over the next week regarding a specific theme (I have to take a break and watch TV to get motivated enough to do some justice in my rants about these women before I begin this blog bitchfest).

So I have some real issues with three TV personalities, two are characters from popular shows and one is a talk show personality (and is married to a back-up quarterback…can you guess?). My goal is to basically blow off some steam so as to alleviate some of the tension that’s built up from watching these characters now for several years. It’s really a wonder why I continue to tune into these fuckin’ programs considering it usually leads to me getting pissed off and launching into an all out shouting match with the television.

You know what, maybe I’ll just lead off by telling you exactly who I am going to talk about. So, in no particular order, here are what I deem to be the three most annoying people on the tube these days (in no particular order – they all suck):

1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View

2. Meredith Grey of Grey’s Anatomy

3. Julia McNamara of Nip/Tuck

I should note that my attacks on Meredith Grey and Julia McNamara are strictly character-based and have no bearing on the two actresses that play those characters (I’m sure they are lovely people), but my attack on Elisabeth Hasselbeck is definitely an attack on all that embodies this woman poor excuse of a woman.

I challenge those of you reading to disagree with me and make a case supporting these characters. If you agree with me and would like to add additional comments on why these people annoy the hell out of you too, please leave some comments – would love to hear them!

Thanks. Hope you enjoy.