Lost on “Lost”

20 02 2008


Perhaps it’s because I am stressed, overworked, and sleep deprived. Or…perhaps I’m just an idiot when it comes to putting together the pieces on Lost. But I think a more accurate factor affecting my confusion is how distracted I get when Evangeline appears on my computer screen. Damn. Her body…rocks. Is hard as a rock, rocks my world, how I’d love to rock her world…ok, I’m done. You get it.

So luckily I searched WordPress for some Lost synopses to ensure I was caught up on what the hell was going on before proceeding to watch the week’s latest episode. I guess I wasn’t quite sure what they meant by the “Oceanic 6,” but at the risk of sounding like the lone idiot, maybe I will rephrase and say I didn’t process it. I was passively watching the show, and that is simply unacceptable for a loyal follower. I am angry with myself, and I promise to do better this week. Evangeline, you will not distract me from key plot points anymore. One more look at this goddess…


I just got an idea! I could watch it twice! The first time would be strictly an emotional viewing where I could get all “hot and bothered and flustered” with every Evangeline scene (and even that Australian chick – accents always get me). Then, once that’s all taken care of, I can focus my attention on the plot and all the crazy, psychological shit that goes with it. And finally, I check the synopses from Stiffcat’s Lost Blogtastic for further clarification and assurance that I’m following along.

Sounds like a plan. Amazing the clarity you get when you sit down and formulate a solution using the written word.

Must get back to work.