Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s School Photo!

23 02 2008


That is awesome – look at the size of those glasses! We all know how much I cannot stand that woman (click here to read my other post on her), and then to see this school photo on yesterday’s View…oh the words. Looks like someone had a bit of an awkward stage growing up…I’m sorry, but why would parents buy their daughter a pair of red glasses that take up nearly 2/3 of her face?!?  That’s just cruel and will lead to nothing but ridicule.

Watch the video of the segment here as the the ladies debate the merits of school photo airbrushing (god help us all).

(Note: I hate to admit this, but I have a fourth grade photo that rivals that of Elisabeth, but I’d like to think I’ve grown into a more bearable woman, as in not so freakin’ high-pitched, delusional and annoying).


Elisabeth Hasselbeck – Mind getting pregnant again?

10 02 2008


Why is Elisabeth Hasselbeck still a cohost on The View? In fact, how did she ever manage to get a job on that show? What does she bring to the table but a yappy mouth spewing conservative crap. I mean, seriously, how has she continued to remain on this show for five years now? What is Barbara Walters thinking?

I wonder what her cohosts think of her. I’m sure Joy thinks she’s one of the most annoying people she’s ever encountered, especially since Elisabeth consistently talks over her. Sometimes I catch Sherri Shepherd (who I also cannot stand by the way – what is with those wigs?!?) looking at Elisabeth like, “Girl, you need to shut your trap!”

I’m sorry, but isn’t there someone else out there that would be a better fit? It seems a lot of people are discontent with Elisabeth’s presence. It’s great when she’s on maternity leave and they have guest cohosts fill in. What a nice break from that high pitched, shrill voice that forces its way into almost every dialogue. It’s getting to the point where she has become the most vocal one on there! And the questions she poses to the guests often don’t make much sense or warrant acknowledgement. She’s embarrassing to watch!

Please, Barbara, find someone else to replace this poor woman. Her claim to fame is having appeared on a season of Survivor, for god’s sake.

I’m not naive. I realize replacing her at this point is a remote possibility (the show seems to exploit the controversy surrounding her to increase its ratings), so perhaps I’ll just hope for Tim to knock her up again.

Elisabeth, sweety, time to get pregnant again, and think about taking some permanent maternity leave this time around. Did you ever consider switching over to Fox – you’d make a great fit…I heard they’re hiring…just please leave…you consistently ruin my perfectly good mornings with your irritating babble. I just want to enjoy my coffee and “Hot Topics” without the chirping.

The Top Three Most Annoying TV Characters

6 02 2008

This is just an introduction to set up three blogs that I will be writing over the next week regarding a specific theme (I have to take a break and watch TV to get motivated enough to do some justice in my rants about these women before I begin this blog bitchfest).

So I have some real issues with three TV personalities, two are characters from popular shows and one is a talk show personality (and is married to a back-up quarterback…can you guess?). My goal is to basically blow off some steam so as to alleviate some of the tension that’s built up from watching these characters now for several years. It’s really a wonder why I continue to tune into these fuckin’ programs considering it usually leads to me getting pissed off and launching into an all out shouting match with the television.

You know what, maybe I’ll just lead off by telling you exactly who I am going to talk about. So, in no particular order, here are what I deem to be the three most annoying people on the tube these days (in no particular order – they all suck):

1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View

2. Meredith Grey of Grey’s Anatomy

3. Julia McNamara of Nip/Tuck

I should note that my attacks on Meredith Grey and Julia McNamara are strictly character-based and have no bearing on the two actresses that play those characters (I’m sure they are lovely people), but my attack on Elisabeth Hasselbeck is definitely an attack on all that embodies this woman poor excuse of a woman.

I challenge those of you reading to disagree with me and make a case supporting these characters. If you agree with me and would like to add additional comments on why these people annoy the hell out of you too, please leave some comments – would love to hear them!

Thanks. Hope you enjoy.