Pick *me*. Choose *me*. Love *me*. Meredith Grey – The Most Unsympathetic Character on Television

9 02 2008


Meredith Grey. The lead character on the show, Grey’s Anatomy, who happens to be the WORST character on the show (apparently others think so as well). I am so sick and tired of listening to her whine about her relationship with McDreamy and her estranged father. Meredith, just shut the fuck up already and get a fucking life! Grow up and quit being so goddamn dependent on men! And for god’s sake, be a friend to those around you and listen to what THEY have to say for once in your life! The world does not revolve around you!

There are so many pathetic qualities about that character, I don’t even know where to begin. I can honestly say I was never a fan of hers from the beginning. The ambitious, confident Christina and the sweet, vivacious Izzie are my type of characters, people I could relate to and respect, probably because they are strong, independent, and do not evaluate their worth based on how many guys are after them. But Meredith, she’s a sorry excuse for a woman. She plays mind games with men, constantly talks about HER problems like she’s the most unlucky person in the world, and CANNOT make a decision for the life of her.

You know, I’ve seen these women before. I had a friend in high school who was “that” girl…you know, the one the guys were always after, the homecoming queen, the sports star. She constantly sought to be the center of attention, and often was. In fact, people followed her around like little lapdogs, especially the men. She constantly had a boyfriend, which is fine, but she couldn’t survive without a boyfriend. And it continues to this day! In fact, she’s marrying a guy who is so wrong for her, but since everyone else is getting married, she cannot get left behind! She cannot have her friends be engaged well before her! Heaven forbid! I give it less than a year…

But back to Meredith. What a poor example for women out there. She drags men into her sick little drama of a life, whines and constantly complains about her inability to commit, faces her biggest crisis of having to choose between two men (oh god!), and uses her friend, Christina, as a therapist she should be paying $300/hour for! In fact, what’s up with her friendship with Christina? I find it hard to believe someone so strong-willed and refreshingly blunt would put up with Meredith’s shit. It doesn’t make any sense – Christina would be the first one to slap the bitch across the face and tell her to give it up! But whatever…they need the characters to interact, so they made them friends. Oh, and it lends itself to another stupid little plot point – Izzie’s jealousy. Izzie, seriously, nothing to be jealous about.

And what about Meredith choosing not to swim when she fell in the water, or whatever the hell that storyline was all about. Fucking Derek should have let the bitch drown. But instead, he dives in, rescues her, realizes she gave up on life like the selfish little bitch she is, but STILL fails to acknowledge how pathetic she is, how unworthy she is of his love and attention. Shit, Derek’s just as bad as she is! I guess they deserve each other! Sure, he appears to finally be giving up on her and moving on, but we all know THAT’S not going to happen. That stupid lovey dovey conflict is the storyline that show loves to exploit. But if they keep doing that, they’re going to alienate their audience (if they haven’t done that already) and quickly find themselves with a series finale.

One final point, quit being such a bitch to your stepsister! She didn’t do anything wrong, she didn’t set out to hurt you! She had nothing to do with your estranged relationship with your father! Don’t you get it? Your father knew you were a sad, sad soul! Your mother was a bitch, and now you are a bitch! Get it together, or you’re going to find yourself out in the cold with no one willing to give you the time of day. Time to start acknowledging the people around you…sit down and have a chat with your sister…you may learn something from her…like how to be a decent human being.




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14 02 2008
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